Clash royale – most popular mobile game yet

Hi everyone my name is Peter and today I want to tell about one really cool game that I recently found out. Name of this game is Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a real time multiplayer game made by the creators of Clash of Clans game. You will meet much more new characters in Clash Royale. On the beginning you have to pass a training camp where you will learn the basics of this new game. After you pass this short training camp you will be able to access the real time arena.

Real time arena is the place where you will show what did you learned in the training camp, this is where you going to fight. Before you start dueling other players you should check your troop cards. Troop cards are cards that contain different type of troops that you can deploy on the battlefield. Some of these troops are made for ground battle and some of them are made for air combat, you will also have weapon card, for example arrows or fire ball that can be thrown on your enemy. Use wisely your card and combine them smart if you want to win. All your troops can be used either for attack or defense. In your battle deck you may choose your cards that you will use in the battle, you can choose the max 8 of battle cards so make a good combination. When you enter a real time arena you will notice that you have three crown towers and your opponent have the same. One of that three towers is your king tower and that one is the most important one. If your opponent destroy your king tower you’ll instantly lose and if you destroy his, you’ll instantly win. Make smart moves and don’t forget that you have to use your troops for defense also. You will also notice experience bar on the bottom. Every card need an experience for deploying so be careful and make sure that you have enough experience to deploy all the troops you want. After you won a battle you will receive a reward chest. What you will receive in these chests? First you are going to need a few hours to wait for them to be opened, depend what kind of chest you are trying to open. Your most important resources will be gems and gold, with enough gems you can open your chest reward instantly and take your rewards. Gold is something that you will usually going to use for upgrading your troops. The problem is that you will never have enough gems and you will have to wait a lot of time for them to collect. This is the only bad thing about this awesome game. But don’t you be despair, we have a solution for this. Since I’m spending so much time on the internet I manage to find a tool called Clash Royale hack.


Clash Royale online gem hack is all you need to make your progress in the game much faster, this tool will provide you enough gems to open all of your chests and also it will provide you other resources. It’s free and protected so you won’t be banned from the game.good luck

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The best virtual game online – MovieStarPlanet

What is MovieStarPlanet and how this game can be played?

MovieStarPlanet is one really great social game where the children are social and they try to make a new friends. The game provides the feeling where each player can be a movie star and try to look like a famous person. The game is created for players between 9 and 15 years and the same is free to play. A lot of children love this social game so this virtual world associated with this game is totally secure place for the players. The game itself provides a lot of chat rooms where the players can interact to each other and share opinions about their creativity, play and much more. If someone is breaking the rules posted in this game the same user can be easily reported in few clicks and the same account will be under review by the administrators who have created this virtual game.

How to use hack for this virtual game?

This game can be played with the use of many different moviestarplanet cheat tools. There are some great websites which provide high quality moviestarplanet hack and the same hack offer free generating on many different game resources such diamonds, starcoins and sometimes even VIP membership for a limited time. This tool will help you to unlock some locked stuff at the game and use all features in the game. These free generators are used by a lot of players on this great social game and they are always adding some free resources from the websites which provide these kind of online hack tools. Read and follow the instructions and you will not have any problems with the use of them.

virtual games

What you need to know about these online generators?

These online generators are used by almost every second player on this virtual game and almost every player has added some diamonds and Starcoins with it. That happened because most of them want to enjoy with the locked resources and not worry about anything in their own virtual word. So if you want to add Starcoins or you need diamonds then for sure you should make a search on some of the search engines like Google and try to find the latest working cheat tool about this game and try to understand how it works. If you cannot understand how it works then you should make a quick search on Youtube about the latest video tutorials about this interesting game and you will see how these generators are used by other players. You can also visit this msp wiki community website and find useful info there. Usually the process is simple and you should only select the features you need to be added in your registered account.

social gamesUse moviestarplanet cheats and get unlimited coins, fame and vip status with their help. If you want to become famous person in very short time then you should use them for sure. Speed up the whole process and interact with the other players while you are on higher level from them. You will be always be more popular than some of the players at this game with the use of these online hack tools.

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Play Unlimited with Unlimited Gems

Play Unlimited with Unlimited Gems

Why pay for gems? When you can hack them for nothing! Our Ourworld hack is utilized to sidestep the Ourworld framework into believing that you have paid for however numerous gems you include. We introduced a system through which can access to unlimited gems and we make believe to Ourworld game into including gems as though you have purchased those gems.

The Ourworld tool is created by energetic game developers with a team of expert project designers. They are continually redesigning and enhancing the components of the hack with the end goal of giving you a persistently energizing background with the game. Consistently, they include certain open doors and alternatives that make getting a hold to an unending wellspring of coins and gems simpler by the day.

What is Hack tool of Ourworld?

In playing the online social multiplayer game, there are instruments that you have to use to play games, social activities, and competitions too and be on the following level of the game. This is essential for you as a player. This is the Ourworld cheats tool. What is this device? How it can help you? All things considered, a hack tool is a basic bit of game system expected to offer you some assistance with reaching and advance in your game. In this site, you will see tricks and most recent hacks for all media platforms.

What you can do with the free gems?

When you choose to take benefit of cheats of OurWorld we have the capacity to attach you with. You are able to do this with free gems:

  • Totally redesign and modify your digital condo with secret boxes, furniture, secret boxes, and other elite accessories, which is unavailable to many players
  • Make your own mini games and online tournament competitions that you’ll have the capacity to invite different players into without having to spend a dime from your real-world pocket
  • Fill your in-game closet with every piece of available tattoos, clothes and extra accessories that OurWorld game designers have introduced in the game(as well as each and every future option that they include into the game)
  • Tailor-made your own wedding bands that you’ll have the capacity to trade with different players, or move up to larger amounts of residency by acquiring digital land that most players (even up to Level 100) aren’t ready to get to

And this is just the beginning, to explore more, play Ourworld today!

Top Cheats for Ourworld gems codes

To know the top tricks for this game, you can visit and look our website. This site of the game will offer you some assistance with finding tips and give you free solution. At free ourworld gem codes, you can see a few tricks and tips that you can apply and step or process for generating them online without any downloads. Generating those gems will help you a considerable measure in playing the game. In the event that you need to play Along with your friends, then Ourworld is the right decision of game that will give and demonstrate to you an all the more energizing and charming game.

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A new rage in online gaming – hack

Technology has affected our lives enormously in different ways. Every day we have to deal with different electronic machines, computers and different multi media. The most significant one is the internet which is playing a very crucial role in everybody’s life. It is the hottest, latest and most up-to-date, modern media opening new avenues for future.

No doubt we cannot list the importance of internet whether one is using it for personal use or for professionally. Sometimes people are more interested in chatting with their family or friends, or if someone is just looking for some specific information in a very short duration. These are all conventional uses which are endless. gameplay

Hitting off the computer keys gives breath taking and exhilarating experience some times. You are not alone if you have a latest gadget with you. The young generation has so much to do with internet like internet shopping, email, using different social media sites like face book, twitter.  The hottest one among the youngsters is the online gaming which is becoming a big part of their life. It not only gives them fun but also helps in socializing. They can make friends with other people from different countries.

Innumerable games are available on internet according to the user’s age, interest and based on different criteria one can involve in learning new things sitting on chair or lying on bed at one’s own comfort.

The newest game available in e- market is the game. It has been launched few months ago on the net and is exclusively available for the IOS users. It is a very interesting, crazy and trendy game for young people. It is a very cool app which is going viral these days but still there are many people who are unaware of it. The best thing is it is Very easy to download on phone. game skins

The latest version of bot has been launched where the players can play individually or in groups without even worrying that they might lose the game. Bot for has multifaceted tools which make it more demanding.

One can enlarge the screen and can look into more the permissible limit. The best part is that your opponent is unknown about your trick. And to know more you can search on the internet with pictures.

  • Another one is you can increase your speed if you are going too slowly. But the recommendation is that don’t increase your speed before scoring one hundred and fifty runs as in low scores you can easily bogged down.
  • Now as you eat every cell your score will get doubled. Earlier if someone eats small cells he only gets one score but now after up gradation after eating each cell you can score double. bot

So, to gain the experience of such an adventurous game one can create bot code by online application on IOS phones. But remember one thing this app is not working on internet explorer.

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Clash of Kings – New game for your android phone

Among the many online games available on the Internet, you are surely to be very well confused as to what type of android game that you would intend to play. But if you have already been an avid android user, you won’t be having trouble choosing the particular game that you would like to play there. And among them, maybe you would by chance prefer the Clash of Kings as your most preferred game in your android phone.
Why Clash of Kings?


As compared to the rest of the other game that are available in your android units, these games about war and simulation are considered to be the most played game from among all the rest. In fact, it has been rendered to be the most popular of choice. The reason for this is that the features and designs available in these games are actually very simple especially on how it is being played. While the title may be quite intimidating for you, one should know that playing the Clash of Kings game is very easy and that any kid or adult would easily get addicted playing it.

There are no complicated game mechanisms here. Moreover, your chances of winning can be very difficult especially if you don’t have a grand plan in mind or that you would simply play just for the heck of it.
To add more challenge to it, this game also features some bumps and tests in the form of opponents that may right away provide you some hindrances to fully being able to really allow you to win the game. Thus, most of them would be able to simply just give up on the game without ever having to win the said game.
Things to remember:
The first thing that you have to take note if you really want to beat your opponents in the game is that you have to think ahead. You need to know that best strategies for a particular game scenario. In fact, as much as possible you also have to have enough resources for you to get going. Too much action for you can be a good thing but remember this will easily deplete your resources just like that.
Another good option here is to also avail of Clash of Kings Hack. There are some of the most important assistance that would also give you a level boost in the game. It somehow alters the setting of your own game environment which gives you more convenience on resources or on other factors that would help you be able to win the game easier.
As mentioned, this game is pretty much easy. You just need the right timing and the right strategy. If you’ve got the right strategy and that the right timing would highly favor you because of these cheats, then you would surely be able to achieve every level in the game very easily and that you would right away be able to beat your opponents just like that.

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Most powerfull character in head soccer is plant?

Most of you already know what head soccer is but for those that don’t let me just take a few seconds of your time and tell you that head soccer is game for android,but you can play it on other devices if you know how. I can explain you that but for now we will focus on other imporatant thing and that is which character in head soccer is most powerfull,and since it is a plant (I really don’t know what is name of this plant) and this is after all blog about plants and sometimes gaming,and those 2 combine gaming with plants,it is not odd that this plant belongs here. So yea,if you use it, you almost won,you just need to be decent player,and if you know how to play head soccer game at least little bit I really don’t see what could go wrong. So just stay with me and download this game on your mobile phone and start it. You see that plant character that you can use it against other players? Yes it is locked,but there is faster way to unlock it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time playing this game just to win points so you can unlock this plant,which will allow you not to lose any more battles. You can now use free head soccer hack ,which will help you in this task. You see with this hack for head soccer you can add unlimited amounts of points,well not really unlimited,because it will take you,like forever,but it will keep adding points until you cancel this task,or something goes wrong. So just choose like 10k points add them,wait few seconds,at maximum 2 minutes,and enjoy your new unlocked character. Now,do you see how easy this was? Everything is done online,so you are safe,and you don’t need to think about anything else,except how to have fun. And I am very sure that this new head soccer hack will allow you that. So sit down,relax and enjoy and let us do all hard work  for you. Trust me you won’t regret using for trusting us.

Here is how this website actually looks like:


See how nice website itself looks? Don’t be a fool go ahead and try this online head soccer hack today. I am telling you one more,it will be best thing that happened to you since you saved that princess in super mario games when you were a kid. You have website,you know how to use it,try it,and let me know if it works. Oh,you even have this pool that will tell you does this head soccer hack really works or not. So thank you for reading this and I will see you next time.

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Overview of this tracker is a social media site. It can be lots of fun. On the site users are able to ask anyone questions. One drawback and one of the things that makes it more fun is that the questions are asked anonymously. Unfortunately, there are times when knowing that you are anonymous causes someone to behave out of character. This can lead to some people sending mean questions, or coming close to bullying people on the site. This site is intended for fun, not stress. Fortunately, there is help for those who feel they need it. Go on wikipedia to learn more! website tracker
The tracker is a download that is available. The tracker can be found at their official site. This hack allows you to know exactly who is asking you questions. This is useful in cases where you feel someone is getting carried away with their questions. It basically gives you some peace of mind.

The tracker is simple to use. You just click a button to choose whether to leave someone anonymous or to use the anonymous finder. It is all up to you as the user. You will likely not want to track everyone who asks you a question and that is fine. That is one of the fun aspects of Just use the tracker for those times when you feel the need.

Both, and the tracker are free. Visit the site and click the join button in order to begin asking questions and having others ask them of you. The tracker can be downloaded for free. You simply have to answer a short survey question in order to get started. It is quick and easy.

Age range


This site caters to teens. They are into the whole question and answer thing. The site is suitable for them. As always, parents should talk to their children about appropriate and safe Internet behavior.

All in all both and the tracker are both great. It is a good idea to have the tracker if you are going to participate. Being able to ask questions is a good way to get to know people. It is an enjoyable way to spend some down time. You are able to learn a lot about people. On the site users seem to feel free to ask and answer honestly, which is nice. If you have not checked it out, it is something worth joining.

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Plants vs zombies 2 – Which plant is strongest?

To be honest there are a lot of good plants in plants vs zombies 2. So how can you pick the strognest one? Well everyone has different opinion but for me,the best one is cob cannon. Why? Because it is like a catapult,and it destroy ecerything in radius of 3 blocks. That’s right,3 blocks! The only problem with this plant is that charging time is kind of slow,but if you have few of them,or maybe even to lines of cob cannon and some dirt plants to protect them,I really don’t see how this could be a problem. You should progress very fast and very far through the storyline if you use these 2 plants,because IMHO they are one of the best plants ever. Dirt will hold down your enemies while you use cob cannon plant to BLOW THEM SKY FU*KING HIGH! hahaha lol
These is how this plants look like:
cob canon


It looks rather awesome doesn’t it?

I really like this game and I play it on my Iphone very often,almost every day and I am very good at it. What is your highest level in endless mode?
Similar game to this that I also play very often is boom beach but I am not very good at it so I use boom beach hack on

That’s about all for now,thank you for taking your time to read my article!

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Some interesting facts about plants

This is my first post. Here I will mention some interesting facts about plants. So what are we waiting for? LETS GO!

1. There is more then 70.000 plants that you can eat. So if you want to try something new I don’t think you will ever get tired of this. But you should keep in mind that they don’t all taste good and it is hard to find them. Well,at least some of them!


2. About 50 000 thousands of plants are used in medicine. This is saying how healthy plants are and that you should eat them more! EAT IT!


3. Humans eat only 50 plants. Well,you see,more then 95% of plants that people eat comes only from 50 plants.


4. About 75% of forest on this earth are destroyed… This is pretty sad. Imagine just how much new plants that would be!


5. But to make things a little bit better I should probably mention that only 1% of rainforest had beed discovered and studied. So a lot of new thing to discover in near future. Let’s hope it will be something very usefull and interesting.


That’s all for now,I will hear from you later! Enjoy in my new website and comment if you need anything!

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